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Support & coaching for DIY customer / ux research

Being a Founder is everything.

  • You’re focusing on your brilliant idea
  • Making progress daily, huge learning curve and meeting amazing people
  • Your belief is strong
  • You wish you’d done this years ago

But it can also be tough...

  • Finding product-market fit
  • Customer discovery
  • Validating your idea
  • Deciding if or when to pivot
  • Nagging doubts over will it work?

You know that solid customer research will help.

Understanding your customers’ pains, needs, motivations, triggers will help you build a product that they cannot live without.

Testing and learning from regular customer feedback will give you vital input to successfully develop your product. 

But buying research is not an option for you at this time.

You’re early-stage, pre-investment? 

You’re bootstrapping? 

You’re building traction before seeking investment to scale?

If so, budget for market research is hard to find.

DIY research is an option, but it's a risky one.

It’s a bit daunting? Confusing?

You’re not sure where to start?

You don’t have enough time or resource to dedicate to it?

Or maybe you’ve started but you’ve hit a roadblock?

But what if...?

What if… there was a way to ensure smooth progression of your customer research?
What if… there was an independent and objective stamp of approval of this work to satisfy Angels, VCs, investors and stakeholders?
What if… there was a way to bring in the agency experience without the agency price tag? 

What if there already is?

A quiet revolution is taking place in the market research world...

R4F: Research (just) for Founders...

You pick the specific bits of help you need to keep your DIY research progressing to plan, eg: 

  • Improving the questions you’ve written 
  • Writing your survey from scratch 
  • Assisting you with interviews 
  • Finding people to fill in your survey
  • Analysing your data 
  • Creating reports and presentations

Prices start at £199+VAT


We coach you alongside a cohort of Founders (max of 10). 

We’ll guide you through the process, step-by-step to ensure a successful outcome.

A full month/ 2 months of support including:

  • Weekly: 2 hours of group coaching sessions
  • Weekly: 2-hour drop-in Q&A session

Prices start at £499 +VAT per person


Helping hands

Guided coaching

Cohorts are kept at a max of 10 people. Each cohort is a full month of coaching which includes:

  • 2 hours of group coaching sessions
  • A 2-hour drop in Q&A session each week. 

1 month course

2 month course

Wait. There's more... you ready for the meal deal?

All of our clients get access to our team of experts for free support and advice for their customer research needs…
  • Unlimited
  • Forever
All clients gain access to our VIP lounge to be the first to hear about events, offers and product launches.
We offer a 100%, no questions asked, money-back guarantee for anyone not 100% satisfied with their purchase.

Who are we?

Research4Founders (R4F) is a new service delivered by Customer IQ.

Customer IQ is a market research consultancy aimed squarely at helping Founders to achieve success. 

With many years of experience in the market research industry, we recognise how hard it can be to access high quality research services.

Hence why we set up Research4Founders (R4F) – providing Founders with support with their DIY market research.

The business is led by Gideon Barker (click here for Linkedin profile)


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If you’re looking for a more complete, managed service for your research and insight needs, please visit the Customer IQ website.